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RSA Cat® Solution is an inexpensive,
tried and tested mineral which is a non-
toxic, environmentally friendly catalyst
that is used in boilers.
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RSA Cat® is a simple additive (coal catalyst) that can be added to any coal fireside system (boiler) - that increases the efficiency, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient burn.
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The RSA Cat® solution consists of an applicator machine and our coal catalyst.
Coal treatment is very cost effective.

Coal Catalyst
Coal Catalyst can be delivered in either 20 kg bags, or larger 1 ton tough bags.
Bags will be placed onto treated wooden pallets, and will be water resistant. The pallets and bags will be shrink wrapped, and strapped securely. Two options are available regarding container loads with 1 ton pallets, either 10 tons in a 20 foot container, or 20 tons in a 40 foot container, unless more expensive plastic pallets are requested which will allow 2 ton loads on each pallet, and allow 20 tons to be placed in a 20 foot container. The plastic pallets will be an extra charge.

Applicator Machine
The Applicator costs R5000 per unit, and will be supplied with instructions.
Fitment instructions are supplied on order, and there will also be limited after sales support.
Our team is also able to instal If needed (cost on request)

Dosage of the product is calculated at 200 grams to treat one ton of coal burned in the boiler.

For pulverized coal boilers that use more than 500 tons of coal per day, and that need more than 6 applicator machines, we will need to supply a centralized timer that controls all applicators for accurate dosage. When this is the case we will have to get a technician out to install and set up the Applicators and timer unit, at an extra cost. This will have to be discussed in more detail, and a price for the centralized timer will be quoted at a later stage as it will have to be set up specifically for that boiler.

Shipping / Collection
Our machinery and catalyst is available from our factory in:
Hammarsdale, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, 3670

Collection is from our factory, or shipping/delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.
We are happy to recommend http://www.panargo.co.za/ for shipping .

* costing is structly rand/dollar linked - pricing is supplied only as a guideline. Actual costing can be provided on order.

*As international currency varies quite dramatically, you can view the latest forex rates from www.xe.com

* costing is strictly rand/dollar linked - pricing is supplied only as a guideline. Actual costing can be provided on order.
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